Hey everyone, Happy to announce finally – I survived..!!! You all might be wondering why and how. So, here it goes.

I was brought up in a not-so-rich family. So to be precise I lacked proper education and facilities. I used to clean utensils, wash clothes and perform other daily chores at various places – I was a maid.

Surprised enough? Yet I have more surprises awaiting. I grew up with this great atmosphere and due to my family background, I was about to get married in my early teens, but I loved someone.

People, don’t judge me! Even we have ‘hearts’, though we live in damp, shabby places, but that can’t measure our love and affection. That boy meant the whole world to me and my love was so pure that fighting all the odds, I married him.

Yes! I was on the seventh cloud. The whole world seemed more beautiful, the stars shinier, and the music more melodious.

After a journey of about two years, God blessed me with an angel. I have heard since my childhood days that ‘Daughters are a blessing. Only the lucky ones are blessed with them!’

But my story seemed to be a bit different. My daughter was considered a curse. She was criticized. So the first thing I realized was quotes and sayings are just meant to be written on school boards. They are used by politicians in speeches but they meant nothing.

Days passed, things got worse. Initially, I was ignored in family gatherings. Then it increased to harsh words and abuses. That didn’t end there. I was humiliated in front of the whole society. Then on one dark night, everything changed. I was beaten up every day with all sorts of stuff one could have.

I was kicked until I was shattered. I guess that was my gift for the love, care, and affection from the person whom I considered my whole world. I wondered whether the street dogs had a better life than mine. At least people heard their barks, my screams were simply ignored.

I can’t even complain to my parents, after all, it was my decision to marry that ‘so called’  great person. I was rewarded with these disasters. But I couldn’t oppose, couldn’t rebel, after all, I live in a society. The icing on the cake was I have had a love marriage. I fought with the whole world out there to marry him as I loved him the most. There again, he proved that the society’s mentality about love marriage was right.So, the only option I had was to live with a fake smile with a ray of hope that things would turn better.

I can’t even afford a lawyer too as his fees to provide me my basic rights would be more than my entire savings.So, the only option I had was to live with a fake smile with a ray of hope that things would turn better. A hope that out of the millions of gods that exist any one of them would come out to help me.

Now, God gifted me with another blessing. I was to be a mother again. You know surprises are unexpected. My husband got a medical check (which I think is considered illegal) and discovered it was a girl again. I was forced to kill her. But I was stubborn. After all, what was the fault of that little one?

A night, a night with unheard screams, a night with silent sobs, and my daughter was killed. She was killed within me. But still, it meant nothing for the world.

After all of this torture I realized, I realized that it is better to live alone instead of living among animals. So I had a divorce. Things were still worse, but at least better on my part. Society criticized, but society hadn’t even favored earlier. Parents disowned, but I guess I had already bothered them a lot. I was isolated, but I guess that was something necessary. As I can proudly say now, that I survived!

“After a while, I looked in the mirror and realised …WOW after all those hurts, scars and bruises, after all of those trials, I really made it through. I did it. I survived that which was supposed to kill me. So I straightened my crown..and walked away..”

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