Today we are celebrating the 71st Independence Day of our country.

I guess, everyone might be wearing white clothes, everyone might be having tricolor flags in their vehicles and houses, and everyone might switch their playlists from Bollywood songs to patriotic songs. That’s common, right…??

Now, being a 90’s kid I was unfortunate enough of missing the chance of observing our Independence in 1947. And but obviously, everyone out there is in the same boat. So I simply googled it. After all, that’s the most reliable solution for us for the things that we don’t know. We trust Google more than our knowies.

According to Google, “Independence is a condition of a nation, country, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over the territory.”

This was a disaster. I was more confused. Then after a while, I started thinking again. Oh yes, I am learning about Independence since my school days. But what my school has taught me is a schedule as:

Come early to school
Be well dressed
National Anthem
Flag Hoisting
Patriotic Group Song
Patriotic Group Dance
Speeches in Hindi
School Holiday

This is it!  No one ever tried to explain to us what independence is! And if we don’t know what it means, how will we respect it?

I guess this is the reason we prefer private institutions more than the government. I guess this is the reason that our patriotism awakens only for two days a year. I guess this is the reason that after 7 decades of Independence we still have a lot to change. I guess this is the reason we need to introduce the concept of Independence again to our nation.

The year 1947 when India attained Independence, Democracy was a completely new concept. On the one hand, people were happy for they now have a nation of their own; while on the other hand there were riots, migrations, socio-political issues. Since then, India has developed, improved, flourished, nourished and a lot more.

But at some point along with all of this, we have added corruption, racism, misuse of powers and rights, poverty in this list. I don’t understand the need for independence then. If this was the conclusion then what was wrong in child marriage, khap panchayat and sati system. All are doing the same to the society. In fact, the shameful part is they were illiterate, uneducated people, unaware of the happenings of the world. We are doing the same after being educated, well-equipped in the era of the internet.

We always try to look perfect and good all the time in the social media. You don’t have to look perfect if you don’t want to. You don’t need to shower every day, style it or apply makeup because of some social pressure, only get it done if you want to.
You don’t need to go to fancy restaurants just for status if you love street food, and you don’t need to wear fancy clothes if you are comfortable in pajamas.

After all, we do this just for social acceptance. If you break a social norm, you are a misfit for the society. You will be simply ignored after having all the good values and ethics. Is this the real independence…??? Was this the vision of our nation at the time of Independence…????

To value something, we need to know it’s worth. Just for once talk with a labour or worker, you’ll understand the concept of poverty; go and talk with a bankrupt, you’ll understand the concept of economy; go and talk with a rape survivor, you’ll understand the importance of your life, go and talk to an honest government official, you’ll understand the concept of corruption, go and talk to a soldier and you’ll understand the importance of your family.

This Independence day instead of posting pictures and quotes let’s take an initiative of understanding the importance of every small thing we have. Every bit of everything we enjoy is due to those who had sacrificed their lives 70 years ago.

Let’s join hands together for a better tomorrow. Let’s join hands together for a brighter tomorrow. Let’s join hands and redefine our Independence.


Featured Photo by Fancycrave