Terrorism: A desperate need for the display of vandalism or the fake effort in the name of bravery
An example of miserable thoughts that clog up the head so much, it gets vomited on the innocence of the world.
So this is what terrorism is according to me.
Are there any references to the religion? Does it strike you as an impersonation? If it does, then you are no lesser than a terrorist my friend.
So my speculations are:
1) Why did every Sikh face the consequences of Indira Gandhi’s assassination?
2) Why always an African or a Mexican or a Cuban is accused when any drug racket is exposed?
3) Why is every Niger held for the activities of Boko Haram?
4) Why is every Muslim held responsible for every terrorist activity happening in the world?
Even when,
1) In Canada, when a Sikh man took out his turban to save a girl from drowning in a creek.
2) When an African-American helped a girl on the bus while she was being harassed by a co-passenger but was held instead because he was black.
3) During the protests and violence against the Christians in Cairo, Egypt when the Muslim people served as a human shield around the praying Christians, without even thinking what their religion will be thought about lately, no matter how much they show their responsibilities towards this filthy society.
Innocence strives in every religion. Stop stereotyping an entire community because of few radical groups. Terrorism has no religion and if you are mainstreaming a race and teaching your child the same values then every race is giving birth to a terrorist.