For me, art has always been half truth where an artist adds half imagination to it I think Padmavati got the balance wrong or protesters have lost it.
Films can be made without truth but without imagination, it is next to impossible and this time its Mr Bhansali’s imagination which has born fruit, a bitter one sadly though. But I wonder where is it now?
I have not taken a stand yet, whether I would go with protesters whose mother like rani is being dishonoured while their daughters, wives and mothers remain honoured and protected (how sarcastic I am!! ) or I would support Padmavati team from whose side I don’t hear much, maybe they are waiting for the right temperature of iron. By the way, I have the right, right?
I hope I do not dishonour somebody or else my head will have a bounty too, not much though.
If Padmavati is watching all this from somewhere she must be laughing at mindless people and irony of the situation. Those who are fighting for her honour are hanging effigies of another woman with threats of cutting her nose off. Does a dead woman have more honour than a living one? I am sure Mr Bhansali wouldn’t have gone this much to disrespect their rani as they have gone with his lead actress. There’s hardly any chance that Padmavati is sitting somewhere in space with her honour, she only exists in some hearts and books but the one who portrayed her has a life, profession, honour and freedom, who did her job excellently(she always does). What about her’ If they value a woman’s honour so much, I don’t under how can they hurt someone’s like this?
It is possible Mr Bhansali may have projected Rani Padmavati in distorted version abiding by his imagination but the reaction is not equally opposite according to Newton. If somebody presents my mother wrongly even I would be up in arms but as I understand what importance she carries I wouldn’t go on dishonouring their mothers. And same applies to all Rajput protesters because Deepika is also an honourable woman.
Mr Bhansali should have heard them earlier or at least hear them now otherwise iron shall melt before striking and negotiation always works. Padmavati carries importance for both of them, the proportion I do not know.
Moreover, every matter in India has three fronts, two may vary but the third one is fixed ‘politics. I hope it learns to be away from some matters, where it is not needed.
Coming back to honour talks, Either Rajputs don’t know how to protect a woman’s honour or their women have got it all so they are fighting for the ones in history.

By: Shivani Malik