Life is so subtle sometimes that we barely notice ourselves walking through the doors that we once wished would open. And in the journey of opening new doors and reaching greater heights, we end up building stories. Everything, everyone is a story, you are a story, I am a story. The world is filled with billions of unread emotions, unexpressed feelings, and unheard stories. And at times, it is necessary to speak-up, open up and just say what’s hidden inside before burying these tales with our body.

TED, as a concept, as an idea, always fascinated me, motivated me. Hearing Pranav Mistry or Shashi Tharoor or Shahrukh Khan over a TED stage has definitely made a big difference to a million lives. And drawing the inspiration from all these sources, I had made my mind in organizing a TEDx event and bringing the TEDx platform to my city and I ended up organizing TEDx in M. S. University Of Baroda, the best of its kind and gathering several renowned speakers, expressing their ideas and sharing their stories.

Organizing TEDx has somehow given me a taste of the corporate world and taught me how the things work on professional grounds. I got a glimpse of all the good, bad and ugly that goes around in that world.
We never believe ourselves most of the times before starting something new, doubting ourselves whether we could really do it? But it just happens and we never know how.
When we strongly feel about something, it just gets irresistible not to share it. And The Monologue has given me and several others, the stage to express their ideas, views, opinions, and stories about their lives. At The Monologue, one not only gets to share their story but also get to hear from others about their understanding of life.

Sneh Sonaiya sharing his story at The Monologue

Some things should come out I guess, some stories demand to be revealed. When I spoke about my personal relations and my idea of extra-marital affairs, I got a lot of people who thought the same way as I did and have faced similar situations in their life. The Monologue connected me to countless like-minded people, and I could proudly say that it helped me find my tribe. And when you really find your tribe, magic happens.
It is that stage, where I have shared such stories in front of apparent strangers which I could never even share with my dearest friend or my colleague. Such is the level of acceptance and open-mindedness of the audience that is gathered out there.

As it is rightly said that “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”, all you need to do is spread that wild, crazy, messy love through your own story.