Results of Gujarat state assembly elections declared on 18th December 2017 were exactly as expected (at least by me), BJP winning by a thin margin but they were not as I wished them to be. I wanted Congress to win and form the government and before somebody pounces on me and I die, let me give my reasons.

After continuing congress’s steep downfall since 2014 the scenario I fear is the one-party rule. The day when the only and oldest party standing or capable of standing against BJP vanishes and we are left with no option. I may seem hypothetical to you but I call this farsightedness. If present trend of BJP sweep continues and Mr. Modi does not stop to woo people the way he does, that may happen soon. I am not against BJP nor I am pro-Congress, I just want assurance of power to elect from options in future. I do not want India to become another China and BJP its communist party, where you do not have even right to freedom of speech(although endangered in India too).

Whenever same party rules for longer tenures like BJP in Gujarat for 22 years it gets rooted in civil structure so much that everything comes on their fingertips. I wanted Congress to hold office and expected some facts and figures which may be kept there as dark secrets because white ceased to be completely white a long ago.

Once Congress had that position which BJP is acquiring now and we have by heart the blunders it did. Congress was not corrupt from start, it led us through independence and established political stability in crucial post-independence time but over the time due to an absence of strong rivals and then its rich legacy, new leaders took advantage and looted the country. Then BJP emerged, which had only two seats in Lok Sabha elections of 1984 now rules in 19 states and brought us “achhe din” but how long? I fear the same from BJP and this time it would be worse because the height from which we would fall is much higher. Today India is an emerging economy and superpower, we have made a new identity in this world and continue to rise and credit goes to Mr. Modi and his team. But Mr. Modi won’t be there always and like congress’s legacy served grounds for corruption and malfunction by new leaders so would of BJP as history has a bad habit of repeating itself.

To escape this, the revival of Congress is must rather reformed Congress without its past baggage. For this, Gujarat election was a golden opportunity. Uprooting an incumbent government with angry people and major casts against it was a cakewalk (I thought) but alas! congress failed.
And as I am intelligent I know the reasons as well. Although Congress looked serviced with the new president, strategies and all but its some screws still hanged loose. It lacked originality, first of all, looked as if stepping on the footprints BJP had left and with that fell short of respect. Tried to make a point with Patels using pointless leader Hardik Patel. Took public of Gujarat for fools and visited temples gaining confidence as shivji , durga mata and all of their clan had one hand stretched out which Rahul Ji took as they were campaigning for him (101).

All of this may have won them 80 seats but if they had fought on the real ground with self-worth having agenda of Gujarati’s prosperity, their economic, social and physical wellbeing they would have got those 99 seats (even more). The irony is, the reason for their nice performance is also the reason for their defeat.

But I hope Congress learns from it and do something to save its face in four states which goes on poll next. While BJP defended Gujarat, congress’s chances with Karnataka are grim (I wish them luck). But BJP ruled Rajasthan, MP, and Chattisgarh can give
them chance. I hope congress wins them all and carry on the development which BJP started. But if it loses them all, the dark clouds of danger are upon us.

By: Shivani Malik

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